Theme Plugin for JetBrains IDEs - Solarized Dark Unified

A better Solarized Dark IDE theme for JetBrains IDEs

Theme Plugin for JetBrains IDEs - Solarized Dark Unified

Like many of you, I spend and inordinate amount of time in front of my IDE. For me that's the JetBrains suite. So I tend to get quite nerdy and very picky about the color theme I stare at daily.

My absolute favorite for the past years has been the ☯️ Solarized Dark theme. 

But I kept getting frustrated with not liking some aspects of the available Solarized themes on the JetBrains Marketplace. 

Mainly the fact that the UI shades are always different from the Editor ones. 
For me that's too much visual clutter and obstruction, as it distracts me noticeably when I need to switch the focus of my eyes very fast from the Editor to the Terminal or the Project file list.

I like my setup to be unified and simple, with low cognitive overhead and as little distractions as possible. As you can see in the screenshot, my setup is super stripped down, with all tool panels deactivated, no bottom notifications, the compact UI chosen etc. 

Sure, Zen mode is cool in JetBrains IDEs and it's a great experience, but you still want many times to have the Terminal open. And then it becomes very distracting - even in Zen mode - to always have to visually "jump over" the "color break" that the existing themes have when moving your eyes from the code in the Editor to another panel at the bottom/side of the screen.

So after much tweaking in all places where it was possible to change these shades without writing any code, I finally realized that I can't access the UI colors without actually coding, compiling and then loading a separate Theme plugin.

Therefore a few days ago I bit the bullet and started adjusting an existing Solarized Dark theme which I already like sufficiently, in order to make it even simpler and easier on the eyes. It took a bit of effort, but it's now complete!

I thought it would be nice to also share it with you fine ladies and gentlemen, so went ahead and published it on the JetBrains Marketplace, where anyone can find and install it. Just got approved, so you can use it in any JetBrains IDE, as it's free and open source. 

You can find it in the Plugins section, called "Solarized Dark Unified" and published under my name.

Give it a try and please share your feedback.