About me

Heya 👋 Alex here, thanks for stopping by 🙋‍♂️

I'm passionate about building software at scale to improve people's lives.

Writing code is one of the things I enjoy most. It is something I do primarily because I love the craft of it, and secondarily because it allows me to build great things with great people.

The Nerd

Former tech Founder and ex-CTO, I have an extensive track record of successfully leading engineering and business teams.

Proven experience in hands-on Software Development and Systems Architecture.

Started initially as fullstack dev in the JavaScript/TypeScript/Python ecosystem then narrowed my focus to backend and systems programming using primarily Rust.

Generally I tend to be language-agnostic, though I really prefer daily work in languages that are statically-typed, memory safe and with developed functional programming features. That's why Rust 🦀 and OCaml 🐫 are top of my list 😅

I believe that great software engineering happens when the right tool for the job is used, with mindful application and focusing on the main thing that matters irrespective of anything else: that the software being created is adding significant value in a responsible way to its users.

The Artist

I've also explored extensively the less-logical and more intuitively-driven part of my personality by painting professionally.

SaatchiArt, the world largest online gallery, has featured me and some of my more "avant garde" work in a "One to Watch" profile showcase in 2016, for a series of impactful oil paintings I've created during that period. This lead to several of my paintings being sold to collectors across Europe and the US. Even though it was a wild and amazing ride during those years - and I feel immensely grateful for having had such an experience - I realized that becoming a full time oil painter at that intensity level would not have been sustainable for myself and my family. So I chose to dial things down significantly in that part of my life in the subsequent years.

I do still sketch and paint frequently, and you can see my work across my most favorite mediums of watercolor, oil and pen & ink on my Instagram profile.

For a while I also got deep into Street Photography, where I developed a very non-traditional way of capturing the moment, as you can see here. My work in photography along the years has also been showcased in several magazines and virtual galleries.